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3in1 Car FM Transmitter
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Company was founded in 2007. Our company is a high-tech companies that research, development, design, production and sales the Bluetooth hands-free car MP3 player, FM transmitter, Bluetooth transmitter, Bluetooth receiver, etc. Electronic products .

After ten years of development, the company has expanded its design team, product development team, supply team, and marketing team. At present, the factory has an area of 4,600 square meters, and employs more than 200 people, monthly sales: 700,000 units.

Our factory gathers a group of industry elites who have expertise,and has high-quality hardware and software products for professional R&D and technical personnel.

After years of unremitting efforts , We are committed to build "LUTU car FM transmitter kit",become the internationally renowned car Bluetooth brand to lead the electronics industry

Sincerely invite cooperation

The company's excellent quality from high-quality raw materials, we always adhere to the selection of high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials, materials for each product procurement are strictly selected and tested, careful design, high-quality production, sincere service. We have been advocating the taste of life, customers are friends, listen carefully to the voice of each customer, including praise and complaints.

Division I always adhere to the principle of quality first, efficiency first, after years of struggle to form a unique core management technology of the middle-level enterprises, the company has ISO9001 quality management system through a number of customer factory pass.

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